Simpsons - Don't vote for me, kids of springfield01:34

Simpsons - Don't vote for me, kids of springfield

Don't Vote for Me, Kids of Springfield is a parody of Don't Cry for Argentina from Evita in the episode of the Simpsons "The President Wore Pearls." In the first song, Lisa sings to the students at "Springfield Elementary School" in The President Wore Pearls, impelling them to vote for her as a new class president following Martin Prince's resignation. The second is where the kids say goodbye to Lisa who is almost forced to a new school before Homer drives her back to fight for what's right. It will be sung by Annie in the Kid Crusaders story "May teh Best Girl Win."

Lyrics Don't Vote for Me, Kids of Springfield Edit

Lisa: I'm not that cool I don't wear jeans I've polished an apple or two But every grade that I grubbed I grubbed it for you So call me bookworm But I'll never squirm when there's work to be done Yes, I'll take my lunch at my desk While you're all outside having fun

Don't vote for me, kids of Springfield Unless you want an effective leader I'll talk to teachers I ll handle Skinner A vote for Lisa makes you the winner!

Kids: Vote Lisa! Vote Lisa! Vote Lisa! Vote Lisa!

Lyrics Poor Lisa/Don't Cry for Me, Kids of Springfield Edit

Kids:  ...Poor Lisa! poor Lisa!

Lisa: Don't cry for me, kids of Springfield You can still reach me through email At smartgirl63 Underscore backslash At At!

Singers Edit

  • Lisa and Students of Springfield(The Simpsons)
  • Annie and Students of Cartoon Town Elementary and Middle School(KC: May the Best Girl Win)

Trivia Edit

  • At the end of the first song, Lisa's opponent in the election, Nelson Muntz attempts to win back some favor by weakly singing a song of his own: "I am Iron Man! Do do do do do do, vote for me.
  • The second song will have the lyrics changed to fit the story.

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