Caitlin and Dominique

Caitlin(left) and Dominque(right)

Caitlin and Dominque are the former lackeys of Mandy in "Totally SPies" as well as Sam and Alex's rivals. They have valley girl accents and their outfits can change. Caitlin has tan skin, wavy raven hair, and wears a pink top and skirt and Dominque has short hair, a purple jacket and a green dress. Caitlin is voiced by Katie Griffin and Dominque is voiced by Andrea Baker.


Dominque-She speaks with a valley girl accent, like Clover does, and she is also obsessed with fashion and celebrities like her two best friends and Clover. She has worn two Catsuits throughout the series: cyan ("Evil Jerry") and purple ("Totally Busted").

Caitlin-Caitlin has an older brother named Rick whose only appearance in the entire series was in the episode "Child's Play" as an object of Clover's affection (and Mandy's at the end of that episode). Caitlin is Alex's rival. She has worn twoCatsuits throughout the series: lime green ("Evil Jerry") and purple ("Totally Busted").

Caitlin and her brother, Rick, might be mulatto, as they have an African-American appearance but have light skin, and Caitlin also has green eyes in most of her appearances (unless she wears colored contacts, because she has dark brown eyes in some of her other appearances).

Dominique and Caitlin seem to be Mandy's closest, or either, her only friends, because whenever Mandy's not with either one or both of them, she doesn't seem to hang out with anyone else. In fact, Dominique and Caitlin seem closer to each other than they do to Mandy

In "MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF", they tease Westley about his crush on Emmy and consider him a nerd for him being an alien with an eye for a head and fawn over Daring Charming, Apple White's boyfriend. However, when Westley turned into a human, they don't recognize him and fawn over him the same way they do with Daring. When things go back to normal, things go back to normal, though Caitlin considers that Westley was cute in human.


  • They were written out of the series and replaced by Mindy.
  • It's unknown if they'll return and become the girls' rivals.


  • MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF(Debut)

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