Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire Do You Want To Live Forever? (sung by Bram and Daphne)01:52

Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire Do You Want To Live Forever? (sung by Bram and Daphne)


Do You Want to Live Forever" is a song from "Scooby Doo: Music of the Vampire". In the song, Bram, one of the actors tries to convince Daphne to live forever as a vampire, but when Daphne refuses, he captures her to be the vampire bride for Valdronya, a vampire who is running loose. This song is used for various MCF stories at times.


Bram: From the moment you've beseen us

DId you ever in your life you'd be standing here with me?

That this thing we have between us?

I could tell that it was fate and it was always meant to be

Yes, you and I were meant for glory

And something greater than this drab

The world would see

And who'd thought that later

You and I would have this date

A date with destiny

Daphne: I can't believe you'd think I'd buy that

Come on, I heard it all before

It's just a line, I'm not naive

I really can't believe you'd try that

I gotta say you must be nuts to think that something I believe

You lay it on there kind of heavy

With all this talk of something special

So what could it be?

Bram: What if I say

I know a way to immortality?

Daphne(spoken): Really?

Bram: You and I can live forever

Daphne(Spoken): You mean our lives would never end?

Bram(spoken): That's right

Daphne(spoken): And we won't be aging ever?

Bram(singing): You'd be Bran's immortal friend

Daphne(spoken): For real?

Bram(spoken): That's the deal

(singing) Can't you feel it so exciting? Daphne(singing): ANd we're laughing like eternal?

Bram: You've been chosen for this honor

You'll have wealth and you'll have fame

Daphne: I've got a life to save my journal

Bram: Just wait and see

Everyone will know your name

Daphne(spoken): Will I stay cute?

Bram(spoken): Absolute

Bram and Daphne(singing): We'll be going down in history

We'll be known throughout the world

Eternity for you and me

Let's live, forever and ever

Yes, never to sever

Together forever we'll be

You and me

MCF Lyrics

  • For "MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me" lyrics are coming soon.


  • Bram and Daphne(Scooby Doo: Music of the Vampire)
  • Raina(Detective88's OC) and Vector(Despicable Me)-MCF: Return of Valdronya
  • Samara(Detective88's OC) and Dr. Ivan Krank(Teacher's Pet)-MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me


  • THis is one of trachie17 and Detective88's favorite songs from the movie

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