Discord S03E10

Discord in My Little Pony: My Friendship is Magic

Discord is a villain on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". He is the Mane Six 's former enemy. Discord is a draconoques(a creature with a horse's head, a snake like body, a white tuff on his tail, bushy eyebrows, a beard, a fang, a snake tongue, a goat's leg and horn, a lion's paw, an eagle claw, a lizard's leg, a deer antler) with red eyes. He is voiced by John De Lancie


According to Princess Celestia in the episode "The Return of Harmony", he was the former ruler of Equestria before Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone. When he escaped, the Mane Six took him down. In Keep Calm and Flutter On, he reforms by befriending Fluttershy.

Discord statue ID S3E10 (1)

Discord in his statue prison


  • MCF and the Ponyville Mystery(Debut) 
  • MCF: The Disappeared Princesses
  • RMCF: Down the Rabbit Hole


  • In MCF Season 3, he figures out the biological familes of Tracy, Daisy Jessy and Raina. This is a reference to "The Return of Harmony" where he learns of the Mane Six's elements.
    • It is revealed in "MCF: The Disappeared Princesses" that he DID know the MCF's biological moms before the girls were born and after Celestia found out about his still evil ways. This makes him the first MLP villain to know the MCF's biological parents.
  • Though a villain, later ally in the MCF series, Discord is a strong ally to the Dream Pals due to his change in Keep Calm and Flutter On. However, due to being on differents sides in the two series, Discord is the only key ally of the Dream Pals who doesn't appear in the upcoming MCF and Dream Pals cross over so that way the authors can keep him on the side they want for their stories.
  • In "MCF: The Disappeared Princesses", he is shown to be friends with Loki, teases Tricia about her new powers, but he doesn't know that they are ice powers and was the cause of the Everfree Forest's invasion. Not only that, when he appears, he sings a bit of the "MCF Theme Song" which could mean that while he was in his stone prison, the song got stuck in his head.