Devlin Levin

Devlin Levin is the son of Kevin Levin and Gwen Tennyson, the cousin of Kenny Tennyson and adoptive cousin of Tracy and Tricia Romanov-Tennyson and Annie Romanov. He is the 10 year old boy with black hair who wears his hair in a straight back ponytail and the side of his head is shaved, dark blue eyes, pale skin and he wore a dark gray sort sleeve hoodie, a black long-sleeved shirt, black pants, black and white shoes and a bandange around his right leg. He is voiced by Charlie Schattler.


Devlin first appears as Kenny's best friend. He however is destined to for following in his father(in the alternate timeline and before reformation)'s evil footsteps. However Kenny refused and is accepted into Ben 1000's family

In the MCF stories, he is Kevin and Gwen's son and knows of his father's reformation. He also assists his cousins Kenny and Annie in anyway that they can. He also has an older cousin named Gwendolyn.


  • MCF: Mystery of Tracy and Tricia 


  • Though his mother isn't seen, it is implied that it is Gwen since Kevin and Gwen are a couple.

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