Dennis and Adele

Dennis and Adele are Dr. Ivan Krank's 'children'/past experiments that failed. Dennis is a pink crocodile with blue overalls and a pink cap and has an eye that keeps popping out every now and then. Adele is a purple mosquito with the head of a human(albiet her stinger nose) wiht black hair. They are voiced by Paul Reubens and Megan Mullaly


Dennis and Adele are both created by Dr. Ivan Krank sometime ago. They were captured by the EPA and described as "weird hidious mutations". It is unknown hwo they escaped and got home.They appear when Krank asks them to destroy the machine, but they refuse since he made them with the machine. They were present when Spot is turned into a human and when Krank locks him and his owner Leonard in a cage. When they escaped, Dennis and Adele are sent to look for them, but they return early after hearing that Krank was ordering pizza. Krank orders them to find him again and don't come back without him. By this time, Adele and Dennis learn that Krank doesn't love them as much on how Leonard loves his dog. They appear again at the lab as Leonard is about to be a dog and back up Scott, Mr. Jolly and Pretty Boy before Scott after giving a riddle signals Pretty Boy and Mr. Jolly to tickle Dennis under the armpits to let them go. He and Adele appear at the end, seemingly going to live with Ian now that Krank is gone for good.

In "MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me", they form a bond with SAmara which makes them want to switch sides again even though they're loyal to their 'daddy."


  • Dennis's skin was originally going to be green, but they wanted him to give him a human like skin.
  • Since they consider Dr. Krank as their father, this would mean they would be Ian's 'cousins'.
  • Dennis is as dumb as rocks because when he mentions aligators, Spot corrects him that aligators are reptiles.


  • MCF: My Shadow Clone and Me(Debut)

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