Dean Abigail Hardscrabble is the secondary antagonist of Monsters University. She is the principal of Monsters University and one of the famous former scarers. She is a cold, stern centepede like monster with dragon wings who wears a red coat. She is voiced by Helen Mirren. 


Dean Hardscrabble is first seen flying into Professor Knight's classroom, causing all of the lights in the room to go out with a single flap of her wings. Hardscrabble then tells all of Prof. Knight's students (including Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan) that they all have to complete a final exam so that they can enter the Scaring Program or else they will be kicked out of the school. Unfortunately, Mike, despite wanting to be a scarer very badly, is unable to scare anyone. And Sulley, despite already being scary, never studies or completes his homework. Because of this, Hardscrabble sees Mike and Sulley get into a big roar-off, ending with both monsters accidentally breaking the dean's prized scream canister. Despite staying calm about it, Hardscrabble has the two both kicked out of the School of Scaring.

However, Mike and Sulley find out that the only way to get back into the School of Scaring is to compete in the Scare Gameswith a fraternity of rejected monsters called Oozma Kappa. And as a result, Mike makes a deal with the dean that if they and OK win the Games, he and Sulley can go back to MU. But if they lose, they will have to leave the school forever. During the Scare Games, Dean Hardscrabble is secretly watching Mike and Sulley competing from afar, aware that they are both going to fail. But after OK wins the Games when they beat Roar Omega Roar in the final round with the scare simulators, Sulley tells Hardscrabble that he cheated by setting Mike's simulator level to easy just to make OK win since to him it's a no-win situation for them otherwise due to Mike's inability to scare. The dean orders him to leave the campus when all of a sudden, she is alerted that Mike had secretly snuck into the door lab, prompting Sulley to go there to save his friend. Hardscrabble then shuts down the door in question, which led to a cabin at a campsite until the authorities arrive, but Mike and Sulley manage to escape back by scaring several human adults in the form of a team of police officers.

Hardscrabble then has both Mike and Sulley expelled from Monsters University permanently, but was sad to let them go because their actions, while considered as a major offense to her school, ended up surprising her. Hardscrabble ultimately gives in and decides to give the two monsters a second chance at life by having them both work at Monsters, Inc., much to their delight. She dies on the same day Boo is born.


  • This was Helen Mirren's first voice acting role
  • Her appearence is simular to Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty including dragon form.
  • She used to be a member at Etta Hiss Hiss
  • She is the opposite of Waternoose from the first movie. While Waternoose is acting kind and friendly, he's the antagonist, but Hardscrabble though she appears to be the antagonist by being cold and hard-heartened, she's actually caring deep down. 


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)

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