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Darla Dimple


Darla Dimple is the main antagonist of the movie "Cats Don't Dance." She is a 7-9 year old girl with curly blonde hair, a gap in her teeth, blue eyes, a pink bow and a frilly pink dress. She is voiced by Ashley Peldon, but Lindsay Ridgeway is her singing voice.


Darla was the star of Hollywood, "America's sweetheart lover of children and animals." She was the star of Flannigan's new film "Lil' Ark Angel" however when Danny upstages her, she reveals her true colors: cruel, unfriendly, and a spoiled brat. She sends her guardian Max to deal with Danny. The next day, she overhears Danny's idea to talk to L.B. Mammoth, head of the studio about getting a big part. She invites Danny to tea and tells him a secret to be a star: be big and loud. She really was luring Danny and his friends into a trap. She and Max flood the studio and frame the animals. On the night of the premire of the movie; she finds out that Danny and his friends decide to do a live show after the movie, but doesn't realize that Max is gone after a fight with Danny. During the show, she tries to sabotage the performance, but it backfires making the show better than her movie. She yells at Danny, accidentally revealign her true nature to the audience. Darla is fired and now works as a janitor.

MCF Stories Edit

She was mentioned in "Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction" episode 2: The Mister-Miss Hyde Case, as one of the people responisible for the fake OogieJess, but it was revealed to be Claire Brewster.

In "MCF Goes to Hollywood" she is the main antagonist where she got jealous of Ann Darrow and kidnaps her for ransom before she was topped by the MCF.

In the later RMCF stories, she is Anne-Marie's rival.


  • Her name comes from Darla Hood of the "The LIttle Rascals" series. Her appearence is simular to Shirley Temple. However unlike Darla, Shirley was more nicer to her cast and crew.
  • Darla is a big eater, seeing how she can eat anything in seconds.
  • Though she hates Animals, Darla seems to have Max for a butler, and the audience don't' kneow what Max really is.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(mentioned)
  • MCF Goes to Hollywood(Full Debut)

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