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Darkwing Duck is the main protagonist of the show of the same name. He is egotistical, but is carign as he goes for many adventures to save the day from the Fearsome Five. He goes by the name of Drake Mallard who is a regular man who adopted a daughter named Gosalyn. Darkwing is simular to batman as he wears a purple shirt cloak, maks and hat. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

Bio Edit

Darkwing's origins are rather fuzzy. During his childhood and teenage years, Drake was a complete dork, but by his high school days, he had already developed an obsession with crime-fighting. However, he frequently claims to have become a superhero on the day he became Darkwing Duck after his teenage years. He has been an active superhero for an unknown number of years. In his earliest days of crime fighting, he was more focused on the headlines from his career, to the extent that in the second part of the pilot episode "Darkly Dawns the Duck" he laments that he has no life outside his showboating and no friends to turn to. Launchpad McQuack and Gosalyn give him a life and help keep him grounded. In the dystopian future of the episode "Time and Punishment", losing Gosalyn causes him to become obsessive about crime-fighting and to devolve into a supervillain. His two recurring catchphrases are "I am the terror that flaps in the night" (followed by an improvised metaphor before he gives his name), and the battle cry of "let's get dangerous". Because of loose continuity in the show, as well as Darkwing's self-aggrandizing habits, there is more than one origin story for why and how he became Darkwing Duck – including the episodes "Paraducks" (in which the young Drake is inspired by his own time-travelling adult self), "Clash Reunion" (in which he wears a random disguise so he can defend his high school prom from Megavolt; this is the true origin at least continuity wise),"The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck" (a Superman parody, which is obviously not meant to be taken as his true origin; it is suggested throughout the episode that it is just nonsense being spouted out by a future version of Drake to make his origin seem cooler due to his ego, and at the end of the episode it is stated that the "myth" has "some basis in reality", indicating that it is not meant to be completely true), and "A Star is Scorned" (which is a "what if" episode portraying Darkwing's life as just an act for a TV show, and is not in continuity).

MCF Stories Edit

Darkwing appears in the MCF series very often, but very often. He forms a friendship in Season 6 with Westley and thus becomes a member of the Star Hero Trio where he becmoes leader.

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