Dante the puppet master by trachie17-d6olh4l

Dante the Puppet Master is the main antagonist of MCF: The Case of the Puppet Master. He is voiced by Jim Cummings

Physical AppearanceEdit

Thick brown hair with bright blue eyes, a long-sleeved, brown shirt with maroon pants, brown shoes and a black hooded cape while holding a staff with a black orb.

His puppet form he is the same, but he is stringless and looks more human.


Cruel, uncaring, dishonest, manipulative, and willing to do whatever it takes to regain his form and get revenge on those that put him in his state.


There was once a man named Dante. He was once a famous puppet master known throughout the entire world. But one day, a witch put a curse on him transforming himself into a puppet. Because of this curse, he was torn into darkness and nearly succeeded into transforming the entire world into puppets that only he could control. But if it wasn’t for Tracy, Tricia and Annie's parents Anya and Dimitri he would’ve succeeded. He was stuck imprisoned in Limbo until years later Dante broke out kidnapping every kid in London so he could gain full power again and seek revenge on the daughters of Anya, Tracy and Tricia. Working together with the MCF Tracy and Tricia were able to defeat them alone with one thing he couldn't handle. Love. Love strong enough that it was able to defeat him for good sending him back where he belongs where he sits to seek his revenge.

MCF AppearancesEdit

  • MCF and the Case of the Puppet Master (Debut)


  • It is unknown when Dante will return, it is left for the authoress to decide.

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