Danny Darling
Daniel or Danny Darling is the minor protagnoist and Jane's little brother in Peter Pan: Return to Neverland. He is an adventerous four year old boy and a big fan of his mother's Peter Pan stories. He has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a hat like Peter Pans and green footie pajamas. he is voiced by Andrew McDonagh.


Danny is first seen with his parents and Jane looking at the star to find the second one to the right and straight on until morning. While Edward went to war, Danny's birthday came up. As a gift, he got socks, which he was dissappointed at, but Wendy made them look like they were puppets of Hook and Peter. When evacuation came and Wendy and Jane had a fall-out, Danny says for Jane to believe in the stories. Jane, who had grown up by the time of the war, tells Danny that Peter Pan isn't real which hurts his feelings. He is mentioned but isn't seen until the end where after her adventure with Peter Pan, Jane apologizes to Danny and tells him Peter Pan stories before they both reunite with Edward.

MCF Stories Edit

He first appears as one of the orphans in "Mystery Case Files the Fanfiction" where he was one of the orphans at the orphanage captured by Hansel and Gretel. HE sends Nico the Canary to send message to Emmy to save them, and with the MCF, they do.

In "MCF: Case of the Puppet Master", he and Jane help the MCF solve the case of the evil puppet master Dante.


  • If Tracy and Tricia were Wendy and Edward's biological parents, then Danny would've been their biological younger brother.
  • Danny looks identical to Michael, Wendy's brother from the first movie and Jim Jr. from "Lady and the Tramp." 
  • Since his mother is Wendy and how Wendy was one of the orphans could be possible that Wendy volunteered at the orphanage from time to time, but had known the MCF's parents and used a spell to make herself young to hang with the orphans.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode: THe First Mystery)
  • MCF in The Case of the Puppet Master
  • MCF: Wander's World Tour

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