Damien the Music Slayer

Damien the Music Slayer in his 'Human form'.


Damien The Music Slayer (or Haunted IPod) is an OC by Subuku No Jess aka Jessy for the MCF stories. He was an Ipod that was broken, but Mafiafas' magic and Raina's power cell made him come alive. He also Mafiafas' 'son'. He is voiced Neil Patrick Harris.


Damien used to be a normal IPod created by a company to become the most perfect music device in the world. Unfortunately, he was manufactured wrong and he had been cast aside in a store by the clearance table due to his soft volume. There, he fell in love with an MP3 and enjoyed life there. After being rejected to be sold, Damien saw that people were all around, buying the latest things. He came to the conclusion that he would do whatever it takes to become perfect, dumping the MP3 in the process. Jessy bought him on the same day and gave him his name, keeping him for a while. One Halloween, he had been passed down to many people (three of them gave him a super battery) until Mafiafas hit him with the Diaboligizer Spell, making Damien alive and evil. Now, he could control people into musical slaves and take revenge on those who wronged him, planning to take over the world and make it perfect like him...

He makes a return in a Batman Brave and the Bold parody possessing Bella, and makes a return in Isle of Music and Dreams as the main antagonist.


As an Ipod he is black with red neon lights, giant headphones, and red electronic lines for a mouth. As a human, he is a red-headed boy with dark green eyes, black neon skin and red tatoos and he wears a black shirt and pants with green outlines on them, red goggles and black earphones on his head.


  • He is attracted to beautiful girls with beautiful voices. So far his targets are Emeraude, Raina, Tracy and Jessy.
    • Although the author points out that he looks "too young" for Emeraude, so there is no romance between the two.
  • Despite Jessy formually owning him, he looks to Mafiafas like a father, even calling him by "Father", which Mafiafas is annoyed at.
  • He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who also plays The Music Meister from "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", Dr. Horrible from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" and Dr. Blowhole from "The Penguins of Madagascar". Ironically, his debut is simular to Music Meister.
  • He tends to call Jessy, "Mother", which annoys her.
  • For some reason, he seems to hate Jessy's monster form, OogieJess Hyde and wants to destroy him/her. This is evident when he glares at her picture and changes the main plan to kill her instead of bringing her back.
  • Just like the Music Player from the Penguins Special, he strives for perfection and punishes those who are not perfect.
  • As mentioned by Detective88, Damien seems to look and act similar to Erik from "The Phantom Of The Opera".
    • He also calls Jessy, Tracy, and Raina his 'Angels Of Music'.
  • Even though the writer of "Musical Nightmare" did not finish the story, some of the future cases have him come back for revenge, making him somewhat of a special reoccuring villain.
  • Nothing is known of his true power yet, but it is hinted that Damien might have more power than Mafiafas.
  • In chapter 8, 'To Survive', Damien has the ability to learn magic spells and likes some sort of torture.
    • Also in the chapter, he refers to the girls as their full team name and has a slight interest of Emmy.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare(debut)
  • MCF: The Isle of Music and Dreams
  • MCF: The Secret of Billy