Daisy in Regular clothes

Daisy Jenkins Sarutobi

Daisy (Disneygal1234) is the adopted daughter of Kurenai and Asuma Sarutobi and the birth daughter of Sophie and Howl. She is the newest member of MCF and is 'voiced' by Bridgit Mendler(Teddy Duncan in Good luck Charlie, Olivia White in Lemonade Mouth, Arrietty in The Secret World of Arrietty).

Bio Edit

Daisy was found as a baby on Kurenai Yuhi's door at her house. As she saw her, Kurenai and Asuma Sarutobi adopted Daisy as thier own child. As a little girl, Daisy begans to develop strange powers and jutsus. People in the Leaf Village thought that Daisy should not belong there because she was adopted. She begins to meet Sasuke Uchiha when he protects her and tells everyone to leave her alone. The two started out as friends but later on became girlfriend and boyfriend. Daisy can speak a lot of languages and has travel to a lot of places. Her most favorite languages to speak are Spanish, English, and Japanese(well maybe a little Japanese, mostly she likes to speak Spanish). During training, she learns that she is the only ninja girl that see the future or have a lot of powers that any other ninjas. While other ninjas jump on trees, Daisy can fly towards them. everywhere she goes, she tries to make people smile and be happy. She is also part of a mystery group called "Mystery Case Files" which was created by her good friend Emmy. In "MCF: Familes Reunited at Last" Daisy finds out that Howl and Sophie Jenkins are her biological parents, making her a young wizard girl.

Appearances Edit

Appearance: Dark raven medium-short/Long hair, light tanned skin, and Chocolate brown eyes.

Normal Attire: Jade Green shirt with dark blue jeans, white tennis shoes with green stars design

Ninja Outfit: Green short sleeve shirt, Blue comfortable shorts,comfortable neon blue Ninja sandals, Blue Leaf Village headband on her forehead carries a kunai pouch

Shippudden Outfit: Dark Green short sleeve shirt, Dark blue Ninja shorts, Ninja black boots, Dark Pink Leaf Village headband on her forehead, carries a sword and kunais

Prom/Date/Party Outfit: A cute sleeveless pink dress with a gold sash around waist, a pink daisy attached to hair, pink platform dress shoes with a ribbon on top of them. or a light/dark sparkly purple dress with light purple dress shoes.

Personality Edit

Daisy is an energetic, happy, kind, strong, sometimes gets mad when things go wrong, very friendly to animals and friends. She's very kind to her friends like Fluttershy from My Little Pony

Powers and Jutsus Edit

Daisy Flower Power Jutsu: In this Jutsu, Daisy can make an illusion jutsu and when the enemy is distracted, Daisy begins to attack.

Double Chidori: Daisy can only use this jutsu with Sasuke. Both of them use the same jutsu, except Daisy's pink and can attack their opponent really fast.

Invisibility: In this power, Daisy turns invisible when she wants to hear something or just trick her enemies.

Super Sonic Speed: Daisy can run faster, jump faster.

Seeing the Future: Daisy can see the future and sees what will happen in a couple of years.

Thunder Punch: Daisy can punch the opponent more easy and strong, which can kill them.

Thunder Strike: This jutsu Daisy uses when she's with her friend Jessy as both work together to defeat the enemy.

She also has powers like her father Howl.


  • Her voice actress, Bridgit Mendler voices Arrietty. In the MCF stories, Daisy's babysitter was Prince Salvador de Las Tortes who was voiced by David Henrie. Both actors worked in "The Secret World of Arrietty" with Henrie voicing Shawn, Arrietty's human friend.
  • According to Discord in "MCF: The Replacements", Daisy is considered his favorite out of the MCF because of she represents her time for laughter and kindness.
  • Daisy is the other only MCF member to speak Spanish; the first was Raina.

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