Daisuke uchiha by disneygal1234-d6loigk

Daisuke Uchiha


Daisuke Salvador Uchiha is the future son of Sasuke and Daisy. He is brave, helpful, kind to his sisters Miho and Jodie and gets angry like his mom and acts like his father. He has black hair, onyx eyes and pale skin. He wears a dark blue shirt, dark blue jeans, a necklace with the Uchiha clan symbol, blue and white shoes. He is voiced by Ross Lynch.


Daisuke is the youngest son of Sasuke and Daisy Uchiha. Since he is the son of Sasuke Uchiha, he is very popular with the girls at the ninja academy. Like his dad, he hates them too. He is a very protecting person for his sisters Miho and Jodie.

He'll debut in a future mystery Case Files story. He also falls for Jasmine Nolan, despite her being a Nyx.


  • His child voice is Daniel Huttlestone who plays Gaveroche in Les Miserables and his adult voice is B.D. Wong who is Shang in Mulan.
  • How he meets Jasmine Nolan will be revealed in a future story, but he'll love her whether she's a nyx or not. This is kind of simular to Beauty and the Beast, with a gender twist.
  • Daisuke's middle name was given to him after Daisy's babysitter Prince Salvador 

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