Coraline is the main protagonist of the movie of the same name. Coraline is a lonely 11 year old girl whose life changes when she discovers the door to The Other World, a parallel version of home which is actually a trap by the Beldam/Other Mother. In the MCF stories, Coraline is the valiant one of her group The . After her adventure in the Other World, Coraline has made new friends and will never forget that adventure. Coraline uses her bravery to help her fellow teammates catch any baddie out there and there is nothing that can stop her. Her idol is the risk taking Starzilla. Coraline has blue hair with a dragonfly barrette on it, an orange shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. She is voiced by Dakota Fanning.


Coraline first appears moving into the Pink Palace apartment with her parents despite their landlord, Wybie's grandmother saying "no kids." Coraline is bored of her new home and isn't used to it even after meeting Wybie and the Cat. She finds the secret door and goes through it to find the Other Mother and Other Father, who are dopplegangers of her parents except with button eyes who treat her like a princess. When she goes back to her world where she meets her neighbors Mr. Bobinski and Mses. Spink and Forcible who warn her about the dangers of the door and Wybie tells her that his grandmother had a sister who disappeared. Coraline ignores this and the next night goes through the door and meets Other Bobinsky and Other Wybie. When she gets home again, her mom locks the door. After a falling out, her mother leaves leaving Coraline to get the door and go through again and finds out that the Cat can talk in the Other World and has followed her and she meets the Other Spink and Forcible. When offered to stay in the Other World forever, Coraline is about to agree, but finds out there's one thing she has to do: have buttons sewn onto her eyes.Coraline finally refuses which angers the Other Mother enough not to let her leave for the real world. She finds out that the Other Mother only made the world to please Coraline. When Coraline confronts her, the Other Mother reveals her true form and locks her into a mirror where she encounters the Ghost Children who tell her that the Other Mother lures children in with the dolls and when they let her sew buttons, she eats their souls. Coraline escapes with the help of the Other Wybie. However when she enters her normal home, she discovers that the Other Mother has captured her parents. With the help of the Cat and a see through thing that the real Spink and Forcible give her, she goes back to the Other World and challenges the Other Mother to a game to find the Ghost CHildren's eyes and her parents. Coraline manages to find the eyes and confronts the Other Mother to find her parents. She tricks her into opening the door and throws the Cat at her and is chased by her until they reach the door and she locks it shut, cutting off her hand. She is reunited with her parents and sets the Ghost Children's souls free. When learnt that she must get rid of the Other Mother once and for all, she must kill her hand and get rid of the key. Coraline manages to do that by the Old Well...with a little help from Wybie. She later has a party with her parents, Wybie, Wybie's grandmother and the neighbors the next day.

MCF Stories Edit

In the MCF stories, starting with "MCF: The Replacements", she teams up with Jenny, Lisa, Amu, Guu and Kenny and they form the Rookie Mystery Case Files after they defeat Mafiafas. Coraline is the bravest of the group and she takes after Starzilla aka Starz who is her idol and is willing to take any risk since her adventure in the Other World. 


  • Coraline forms a bond with Starz, her MCF idol in which it shows that they're brave. 
  • Her pet peeve is having her name being called Caroline. However, the only ones who get her name right are her fellow Rookies, Mafiafas, The Biskit Twins, Discord, the MCF, Wybie, her parents, Heat Miser, Winter Warlock, Hermey, Bobinski's mice and a few characters.
  • Dakota Fanning, Coraline's actress, once had to fill for Daveigh Chase, Lilo's actress's role as Lilo in "Lilo and Stitch II: Stitch has a Glitch." 


  • MCF: The Replacements(Debut)
  • MCF: Case of the Puppet Master(mentioned)
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire
  • MCF in: Return of Rasputin(Cameo)
  • MCF and the Parent Case
  • MCF: Through the Door
  • MCF and the Dream Pals: First Meeting

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