Coffret is one of the mascots in Heartcatch Precure .He is living with Erikaand is her partner when she needs to transform into Cure Marine.

He is voiced by Kumai Motoko.


Coffret is very honest and is never afraid to speak what is on his mind, which sometimes makes him look rude. His personality is very much like that of Erika so they rarely argue.

Appears Edit

A small white almost bunny like creature with petal like ears with aqua blue at the bottom of the ears, a heart like shape mark around his eyes, a piece of aqua blue fur on the top of his head shaped almost like a heart, brown eyes, an aqua blue tail, and wears a blue collar with a silver heart on it and three blue pearls around his ears.


In MCF, he first appears in MCF: To the Past and Back alongside Erika.

Trivia Edit

  • Coffret's name comes from the French term for a jewelry box or casket. He is the only Heartcatch mascot not to be named after a perfume-related item.
  • Through Chypre is the only female macot from Heartcatch Precure, Coffret is the only male who appears in MCF and the Dream Pals since Breezie (Wing's Precure partner) is also a female and the other two males don't appear in the story.


  • MCF: To the Past and Back (Coming soon)

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