Cody Rescuers

Cody is the triagonist of "The Rescuers Down Under". He is the little boy that Bernard and Bianca have to rescue. He is a 10 year old boy with blonde hair, green eyes, a red shirt, green shorts and brown boots; he is voiced by Adam Ryen.


Cody is first seen sneaking off to help the animals. His latest help is Marahute, a giant golden eagle. He frees her and she takes him to her nest where she shows him her eggs. She also gives him a gold feather as gratitude. As Cody goes home, he sees a mouse trapped and is pulled into a trap set by the poacher McLeach who captures him in order for him to tell him where Marahute is. Cody refuses each time and McLeach locks him up in a prison with other animals he captured to poach and tried to help them escape, which would've succeeded on the behalf of McLeach taking him out. McLeach lies to Cody saying that Marahute is dead so Cody would lead him to the eggs. Cody goes to the eggs and meets Bernard, Bianca and their new friend Jake, but hearing Marahute's call, Cody realizes she's alive and when she's captured, Cody grabs onto the net along with Bianca and Jake leading them to be captured as well. Cody is then tied up and ready to be crocodile food if it weren't for Bernard to the rescue. He pulled Cody from the drift of the water, but it wasn't strong enough for the current and just before the two were about to go to their doom over the waterfall(like how McLeach met his death), but Marahute comes

Cody appears in the first episode of "Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction" "The First Mystery" as one of the orphans in Emmy's orphanage. He makes a major appearence in the episode "The Mysterious Stranger Case" wehre he and Penny overhear Tighten telling Raina to marry him before knocking her out. They warn the other MCF about this.


  • Though they have not met, it is confirmed that Cody is the boyfriend of Penny, the girl from the first movie.
  • His voice actor also did the Norigean dub.
  • He is simular to Mowgli and Tarzan becaus he is able to communicate with animals.


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episodes: The First Mystery and The Mysterious Stranger Case)

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