Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is a character on "Monster HIgh". She is one of the main characters. Clawdeen is a humanoid werewolf with wavy brown hair, four earings(wo on each sides), yellow eyes with purple eye shadow, a black choker with an amulet, a pink zebra stripped dress with boots and a black jacket; she is voiced by Salli Safiotti.


Not much detail is shown about Clawdeen, except for the fact that shes the best person in the Monster High group. She is also very protective of her sister Howleen and her older brother Claude(who becomes Draculaura's boyfriend). She is also the one who is usually rivals with Cleo De Nile until her reformation as they compete in certain events.

In "MCF: A Lost Wander," Clawdeen runs away because of Claude's immatureness lately and is one of teh people trapped in "The Eclipse's Hotel, "The Heart." More will come soon


  • In a few of the webisodes, it shows that when she's near the moon, her inner wolf comes out in her and she comes into super sonic speed. 
  • Despite not having a boyfriend, she is either paired up with Bane(TDragon195's OC) or Ginei from "Rosario+Vampire". This has to be confirmed in a future story.


  • MCF: A Lost Wander(debut)

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