Claire Monsters University
Claire Wheeler is one of the supporting characters in "Monsters University." She is a snarky, but wise monster with a Gothic attitude that could make her belong in Etta Hiss Hiss. She has three purple eyes, buck teeth, a blue jacket with a purple shirt, a black neck band, dark purple hair in a tiny ponytail and webbed feet. She is voiced by Aubrey Plaza. 


Claire first appears with Brock offering Mike a chance to do the Scare Games. She later appears announcing three of the six teams competing in the game: Jaws Teta Chi, Slugma Slugma Kappa and Etta Hiss Hiss. She warns them about working in teh dark for teh toxity challenge. For the rest of the movie, she wasn't seen.

She makes an appearence in "MCF: Monsters in College" wehre she is hosting the Scare Games again since college reunions also do them. 


  • Because she and Brock are seen together, some fans believe that they are dating.
  • In a deleted scene, Claire was originally going to have a bubbly type. 


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)

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