Ciel Phantomhive is the main protagois of the show Black Butler.He is a 13 year old boy who had made a pact with the demon with Sebastian ; he is voiced by Brina Palencia.


Earl Ciel Phantomhive (シエル・ファントムハイヴ Shieru Fantomuhaivu?) is the business-savvy, egotistical thirteen-year-old (as of chapter 14) and the head of the Phantomhive family after the deaths of his parents, Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive. He runs the Funtom Company, which manufactures toys and sweets, with the later addition of a food branch after winning a Royal Warrant. His right eye, which is usually covered with a black eye patch, bears a pentacle, the sign of the Faustian contract he made with the demon Sebastian. Like the previous earls in his family, Ciel is currently known as the Queen's Watchdog (also translated as Guard Dog), tasked with eliminating criminals and solving cases in the underworld for Queen Victoria.

After his parents' deaths and prior to meeting Sebastian, he was a slave and a sacrifice in a cult ritual. During one particular instance where Ciel was being tortured, his hatred for his torturers summoned Sebastian. He then commanded the demon to kill all the people in the room and from that day forward, Ciel devoted his life to find the people responsible for the humiliation and suffering he had to endure. During his time as a slave, a brand was burned into his back, which he does not want anyone to see. As a nobleman, Ciel presents himself as a proud, solemn, and mature boy. Due to his past misfortunes, he rarely smiles and is merciless when dealing with enemies. However, Ciel has occasionally expressed concern for the well-being of the few close to him. Despite his stoic demeanor, Ciel exhibits traits befitting a child for his age, such as his fondness for sweets and games. As such, Ciel is clever, mischievous and competitive, doing whatever it takes to win a match. Although physically weak, Ciel is proficient with the use of guns, and always carries one in order to protect himself. He is allergic to cats and had inherited asthmafrom his mother.

He debuts in "MCF: Black Butler' where he meets Jessy and the Vore Gang are sent from their time and they must help him save England. 


  • MCF: Black Butler (Debut)


  • He will return in a future story hence before Jessy and the Vore Gang go home, she gives him and Sebastian MCF badges.
  • Ciel has asthma, just like his mother.
  • Ciel hates spicy foods. However, he does enjoy the curry bread given to him by Agni and Soma.
  • Even though Sebastian harbors a great love for cats of all types, Ciel is allergic, and cannot let Sebastian come near him if he has been close to a cat. However, he has also stated that the ALLERGY is irrelevant, since he would not allow one in the house anyway, simply because he wants to avoid doing something that would please Sebastian.
  • He is a rather good marksman when it comes to hunting and carries a gun on his missions, though he seldom uses it. He apparently sleeps with a gun under his pillow and once nearly shot Sebastian with it when he was startled from a nightmare.
  • Ciel is briefly a second-tier member of the Noah's Ark Circus, where he goes by the stage name Smile (スマイル,Sumairu).
  • In the anime's second season, after being reborn as a demon, his eyes appear to keep switching colors, from red like Sebastian's, to glowing slit-pupiled pink, to his original blue. In addition, his fingernails, toenails and attire are shown to have turned black. This upsets Elizabeth, and for the first time Ciel does not argue with her that his clothing has become "un-cute." This would seem to confirm that both black nails and glowing pink-slit eyes are traits common to all demons in the Kuroshitsuji universe, as Ciel displayed neither trait before his corruption.
  • Ciel apparently reads BOOKS from various famous authors, both fictional (Arthur Wordsmith) and real, like Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Ciel can also speak fluently in French. It is apparent that he can also understand Latin as well.
  • Ciel's name is French for "sky".
  • When introducing himself to the Circus Troupe, Ciel introduces himself as Finnian.
  • Ciel's favorite flower is the sterling silver rose.
  • When his shirt is lifted, the mark of his previous enslavement can be seen on the left side of his lower back. In the anime, this mark is moved to just below his left pectoral.
  • In the second anime season, human Ciel is noted to have died as of August 26, 1889, at age 13.
  • Ciel named Sebastian after his previous dog.
  • In SonicX16's stories, it appears Ciel has a girlfriend named Julia Frost, Jack and Sharlene's future Granddaughter.

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