Christine Daae

Christine Daae is the female protagonist of "The Phantom of the Opera." She is a beautiful 16 year old girl with curly brown hair with a small ponytail and she would wear various clothing throughout the movie/musical, but she would wear a white dress like ballgown. She is Raoul's childhood sweetheart, and then husband and the titular Phantom's main obsession. She has a beautiful singing voice and is made the star of the operahouse. She is played by Emmy Rossum.


Christine was a dancer in the ensemble with her best friend Meg Giry in the famous Paris Opera House. She notices Raoul and smiles knowing that she found her childhood friend, though she's shy to speak to him. After a disaster occurs during rehearsal for "Hannibal" leading the opera diva, Carlotta to quit, Christine shines and takes the role of Elise. She tells Meg that "The Angel of Music" has been sent by her deceased father and has been tutoring her ever since, but Meg doesn't believe her. She later sees Raoul who watched her sing and they get reacquanted, presumingly fall in love. He invites her to dinner, but before Christine could join Raoul, the Phantom of the Oper(who also heard Christine sing), takes her to his lair and tells her that he wants her to stay with him underground forever and she faints after seeing a wedding dress supposingly meant for her. The next morning, she notices the Phantom playing his piano and curiously takes off his mask, enraging her before she gives it back to him and he takes her back above. Christine is then onstage as the pageboy, despite Raoul and the Phantom saying that she should be the countess. This causes a disaster by the Phantom to inturrupt the show. Christine, fearfully knowing that he is here, goes to Raoul and he comforts her on the roof and they profess their love for one another while the Phantom watches on in anger and jealousy. Months later, Christine and Raoul are engaged. She however goes to her father's grave, a trap which the PHantom has set for her to be captured again. Raoul saves her and fights off the Phantom before he and Christine go off, making the PHantom swear revenge on teh both of them. Christine gets another starring role in "Don Juan Triumphant" as Lady Aminta", but doesn't realize that her singing partner, Pigani, Carlotta's boyfriend was slain and his part was stolen by the Phantom who puts on his own engagement ring on her finger. Realizing who it is, she removes the mask, revealing his face in front of everyone. This enrages teh Phantom so much that he brings her down to his lair and puts the wedding dress on her, but Raoul comes in to save her. However, the PHantom threatens to kill Raoul if Christine doesn't stay with him. Feeling what the PHantom has been through for years, but in love with Raoul and wanting to save his life, kisses the Phantom which allows him to set her and Raoul free to be happy forever. Christine returns the ring to the Phantom and reunites happily with Raoul as they vow to love each other forever and ever. It is shown years later that she did marry Raoul and have kids with him, but she died of old age. 

In "MCF and the Case of the Disappearing Musicians," she is now married to Raoul and she is a friend of the MCF, but kind of has trouble helping them with the case due to her last experience with teh Phantom.


  • Christine's age isn't given throughout the musical, but in the movie, it states taht she's 16 years old.


  • MCF and the Case of the Disappearing Muscians(debut/upcoming)

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