Christina is the triagonist of Buster and Chancey's Silent Night. She is an orphan girl who has brown hair, brown eyes, a red top, yellow sleeves and a green skirt. Christina is kind and gentle and always wanted a family of her own. She is voiced by Lea Michelle.

Bio Edit

Christina first appears walking through the streets, lonely and wishing for someone to spend Christmas with her. She then befriends Father Joseph who becomes a father figure to her and accepts a job as pagent angel for when the Queen comes to Oberndorf. She gets into trouble a lot with the Burgermeister because of the cat Dorf and his encounters with the mice Buster and Chauncey(whom Christina met before). She is then framed by Duke Rausch and Lady Gretchen who decide to steal the treasure from the Church and make off with it. She exposes them and is allowed to be an angel again. She also meets the Queen who offers her a ride to Vienna to go live with her aunt and uncle, which she accepts, not before saying goodbye to Buster and Chauncey.

MCF Stories Edit

She makes a small speaking appearence in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue."

Appearences Edit

  • RMCF: The Christmas Rescue(Debut; cameo)
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(episode: The Adventure of RoboRoach)

Trivia Edit

  • She is very simular to Penny from The Rescuers, Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven and Robyn from Tom and Jerry: the Movie" as they're orphans, but have animal companions.
  • She happens to be Lilo's choir partner in the Christmas concert as shown in "RMCF: The Christmas Rescue."

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