Christie is Bellas first Guarian character to hatch. She represents Bellas light half and motherly and sweet side, as well as her kindness to both good guys and bad guys in the cartoon universe.


Christie posses short brown-blonde hair and fair skin, and typically weares a white gown and is typically barefooted, and has angel wings. sewed on the the lower part of her dress is a celtic symbol.


Christie is a motherly and caring chara, who wants to see people happy and well cared for. She tends to be fussy, to Emmy when she learns that she has no parents, and there for makes herself a psudo-parent to Emmy, much to Bellas happyness to see Emmy happy. She can get scary and similar to Fluttershy when she enters using 'the Stare' when she gets mad, though it mostly happens when she sees the people she considers her childeren hurt.


White with a yellow band that has a green celtic mark in the center, and a journel and pen on the sides.

Character ChangeEdit

She can sense X-Eggs like any guardian characters, but depending on the level of energy the egg emits, it can hurt her or make her sick.

When Christie Character changes with Bella, Bella grows feathery angel wings and gains a Celtic symbol hairclip. The wings gives Bella the ability to fly, as well as sheds feathers that when they come into contact they can make a person relax or fall asleep.

Character Transformation (S)Edit

When she character Transforms with Christie, she becomes the Angel Hyna Angel.

Appearance: Bellas hair is out of its ponytail and gains a Celtic Symbol hairclip in her hair, she becomes barefooted, but has long green ribbons tied on her ankles and wrists and dons a emerald green dress, and grows feathery angel wings.


  1. Dance Ribbons

Abilities: "Angel Hyna" is a healer using her feathers to heal and attack and defend, but she can also use her ribbons to bind her enemys. She can also sing to lull enemys to Sleep using a special skill known as "Celtic Song" and "Celtic Calming Song" to  calm large crouds and enemys.

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