Chowder is the main protagonist of the show of the same name. Chowder is a lavender cat/bear/rabbit thing with a purple hat and sweater and shoes. He is voiced by Nicky Jones.


We don't know how he became Mung and Truffles' apprentice, but he has been working there. Chowder goes on many adventures, all the while getting the bite out of life. He can do anything to impress his foster father and inspiration Mung Daal.  Chowder is the crush on Panini, but he doesn't reincoperate her feelings by saying "I'm Not Your Boyfriend." and is the unknown rival of Gorgonzola.

MCF Stories Edit

He makes his debut in "MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting" where he is one of the children captured by Cackletta because he is an apprentice, one of the ingredients for her soul-sucking-spell. Luckily the MCF rescue him.


  • Chowder is named after a soup.
  • He breaks the fourth wall more than any other character.
  • He is voracious as he is shown to eat about anything.
  • He may return in a MCF story


  • MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting(Debut)