Chester McBadbat is a character on "Fairly Oddparents". he is one of Timmy's best friends on the show, aside from AJ. He is from a rural background where he lives with his father Bucky McBadbat. Chester has braces, blonde hair, green eyes a black shirt, blue pants and shoes and a green jacket; he was voiced by Frankie Muniez then by Jason Marsden.


Chester comes from a poor background where his father was formerly Bucky McBadbat, a famous baseball player. Despite his rural and poor background(including appitite in later seasons), he is very good friends with Timmy and AJ. In 'Fairy idol" he gets a major role  in which he gets Norm as a godfather adfter releasing him from the lamp. He finds out about Norm's treachery later on and wishes his last wish that everything will go back to the way things were before he found him. 


  • According to Emotion Commotion, girls give him hives, but in "New Squid in Town", he must've developed an immune to them. 
  • He interacts more with Timmy in the series than AJ.
  • In "KC: Remy's Revenge", he and AJ help Timmy and his fellow Kid Crusaders along with the remaining Rookies save Trixie from Remy.


  • KC: Remy's Revenge(Debut; minor appearence)
  • RMCF: The Problem with Tootie