Cherry Grapestain

Cherry Grapestain is a character who appeared in the episode Cloudy with a Chance of Malt Balls. She is a famous movie actress who was making a new movie that Grojband wanted to star in the preview of. Cherry Grapestain is a girl with dark, purple hair with highlights. She has peach skin, purple eye-shadow and pink lipstick. She has a pink shirt with light pink sleeves.She is voiced by Brigid Teirney.

Bio Edit

Cherry Grapestain is a happy and cheery celebrity who enjoys her movies and her fame. She seems to have an interest for things that are red. Most of the things she has are cherry red colored. She has a cherry red limousine and the tickets to see her show are cherry red with pictures of cherries on them. She was also seen with a helmet that had pictures of cherries on it when she got out of her limousine. Cherry seems to say the word "like" before every sentence she says. She is the major characters of the episode Grojband wanted to do music for one of her trailers. She is then seen in person, riding off with Nick Mallory as they both seen the movie already.

MCF Stories Edit

She is one of the Hollywood stars in "MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF" where first appears as one of the celebrities who the MCF run into and in a role reversal, it's revealed she is a fan of the MCF and even asks for their autographs. She also jokes with Emmy saying that she and Westley should hook up, but Emmy denies this since she knows she's in a relationship with Nosedive and Brooklyn and she and Westley are good friends. Cherry doubts this in secret before she tells them that she doesn't know where Westley is at the time, while the former heads to Mafiafas to kick starts teh plot.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: The Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first celebrity who's name is a food pun, the second being Candy Jams.
  • She is also the first celebrity who Kate Persky and Allie Day love more than Grojband, the second one also being Candy Jams.
  • She says the word "like" at the beginning of all of her sentences.
    • Although she says "like" at the beginning if all her sentences, she does not say it when she's texting as Kin read aloud a bleat from her saying "Chilling in my Cherry red limo at a cheer red light Manor Street, LOL."
  • She happens to be very good friends with Westley as to why she knows him.

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