He is Bellas second Guardian character to hatch. He represents Bellas dark side and Michivus side and love to pranks. He also represents Bellas inner feeling of being mishmashed due to fusing her toon freinds on a mind, body and soul.


Looks like Discord, but with a jesters collar around his neck, a hairclip of a blue balloon, and a black and white checkered tail ring.


He is michivous and playful, and generaly a chara version of Discord, however he knows when to stop and to prevent accidents from overdoing it.


Chara Discord egg is checkered with a Blue Balloon at its center and a draqonese encircling it.

Special PowersEdit

He has Discords powers, but at a minor scale, that he is able to manifest items at will, or change a persons hair and cloths with a snap of his fingers.

Character changeEdit

When He character changes with Bella, Bella gains a chekered Jesters collar with little Balloons. When under the character change, Bella becomes playful and michivous with the power to create items out of nothing to pull pranks.

Character TransformationEdit

When he Character transforms with Bella, she becomes Draqones Hyna.

Appearance: Bellas hair is tied in a messy ponytail and has in a messy paint sploched T-shirt, and a checkered jokers colar with blue balloon bells, she has on a oragne top with a crawling Dragconise, and Discords wings on her back and has on jesters shoes and a rainbow jesters skirt.


  1. ​Draqonese Hynas props
  2. Draqonese Hyna Cotten Candy maker

Abilities: As "Draqonese Hyna" he is able to summon items to attack, mostly dropping a piano, bricks or safe on people or to summon cotten candy to cusion or protect people, or even sticky trap X-Eggs or characters. His cotten candy comes in two flavors and effects, pink which is used to trap and bind X-Eggs or X-Characters, or Blue which mimics Amulet Clovers Remake honney which can repare broken items.

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