Chaos is the main antagonist of the Aladdin episode "When Chaos Comes Calling." He is is a blue cat with a peach muzzle, yellow eyes and wings; he is the embodiment of his namesake and loves to cause it as well. He is voiced by Matt Frewer.


Chaos made his first appearance in Morbia - the abode of Mirage - where he made fun of the Evil Incarnate; who soon tricks the deity (or so she thinks) into heading Agrabah, which she describes as a boring cliché where everyone lives happily ever after, with hopes that he would destroy it while she watched. Seeming to have successfully done so Mirage soon observed as Chaos made his way to the royal banquet and transformed Iago's head into the head of his voice actor Gilbert Gottfried.

Iago, oblivious to what had happened, attempts to get food at the banquet and shocks the guests - then panicks upon looking at his reflection in a metal jug, knocking food to the floor as he runs around the table.
While observing the events from afar Chaos proceeds to transform one of the guest's heads into that of a donkey. As some of the guests attempt to leave Chaos once again warps reality - causing them to grow kangaroo legs and hop around screaming. Hakim, who was guarding the banquet, changes into a giant hippopotamus. Another guest is changed into a whale and the final guest into a vase of daisies with a mouth.

The madness prompts Aladdin to call on the aid of Genie, and everything returns to normal. Aladdin thanks Genie - only for Genie to admit that he had not been the one who stopped the magic. (In reality it was Chaos, who had seemingly had his fun for the moment.) After the guests leave in a foul mood Genie uses a huge machine to "translate" Abu's explaination as to who caused the riot - as Abu is the only one who saw Chaos - resulting in a stick-figure of Chaos, which the deity describes as a "remarkable" likeness.
Chaos' presence is met with great alarm by Genie, who warns Aladdin not to anger the powerful entity. Unfortunately, a very angry Jasmine doesn't listen and confronts Chaos. Chaos grows angry when Jasmine orders him to leave and shrinks her to the size of an insect - causing her to be in danger of being stepped on several times by Aladdin before Genie saves her.

Aladdin, still clueless as to Jasmine's location angrily demands Chaos to bring her back - prompting an threatening response: yet moments later he returns Jasmine and Genie, since Aladdin would not of expected such an outcome.
Chaos then makes a comment on Aladdin's usual "boring" existence, prompting Iago to go on a rant about the varied adventures the group get involved in. Aladdin comes up with an idea to try and get rid of Chaos by convincing him they were not "boring". Chaos listens, impressed by how unpredictable Aladdin's life is: however Genie makes a mistake by stating the only predictable outcome is Aladdin always wins.

Chaos takes this as an opportunity to cause some mischief and creates an Evil Aladdin. At first Aladdin refuses to fight for Chaos' amusement but later is forced to in order to defend some of the guests from the banquet, who are being harassed by Evil Aladdin in the street. The battle is interupted when Genie arrives and attempts to aid Aladdin, prompting Evil Aladdin to unleash his own Evil Genie.
The two Genies proceed to engage in a fight that threatens Agrabah with destruction.
Meanwhile Mirage watches from afar and is content with the destruction until Chaos mentions her name - she becomes nervous as the heroes begin telling Chaos that Mirage is the predictable one (always evil, always scheming etc) and decides to manifest in Agrabah herself.

However, soon after arriving Mirage is attacked by Evil Genie and panicks, telling Aladdin to use the lamp: Aladdin proceeds to do so by making the wish: "I wish you to release Mirage, and return Agrabah to normal!" Chaos then points out the true surprise, that Mirage had actually helped save Agrabah rather than destroy it - prompting her to disappear in a rage as she finally realising she'd been played for a fool all along. Chaos then reveals that the entire event was designed as payback for Mirage trying to trick him earlier - though he did warn Aladdin to keep up the "good work", stating that if he ever got "boring" he'd be back.

He'll appear in the RMCF story, "Down the Rabbit Hole" as Miyu's Cheshire Cat.


  • He is called "The Master Trickster" by Mirage, as well as "Master of Surprise" and "The Unpredictable".
  • Chaos possesses several traits similar to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, such as disappearing, leaving only his grin behind, and leaving footprints before actually appearing.
  • Like the Genie, his magical tricks tend to make references to other media.
  • He does get angry when people start giving him orders, warning in a threatening voice not to do so. This may be because chaos has no order.


  • RMCF: Down the Rabbit Hole(Debut)

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