Cerise Hood is a character in "Ever After High." She is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. Oddly enough, she tends to have the behavior of the Big Bad Wolf. She has short dark brown/white hair, light tan skin, a red hood and a short red, black and white checkered dress. She is voiced by Rena S. Mandel.


Cerise Legacy Day

Cerise's Legacy Day Dress

Not much is about Cerise so far, but she growled at Daring and is embarrassed before she runs off before one of the narrators say she has a big bad secret.

She plays a major role in "The Cat that Cried Wolf" where she has the werewolf instincts. We also learn that her parents are both Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

We see her reveal her wolf ears in "Maddie's Hat-tastic Party", but her friends thought they were fake ears. Also, we see her family in "Cerise's Picnic Panic" where she has to prevent Hunter from finding out that the Big Bad Wolf is her father. 


Cerise seems to be on good terms with most of the students, but she's nonetheless a reserved individual. She's prone to wolf-like tendencies and outbreaks, which is a huge inconvenience as she's trying to hide her heritage. She is cautious about her secret and makes sure she keeps her wolf heritage out of public knowledge.

Physical Appearance

Cerise has long dark brown hair with several white streaks, predominately on the left side, peach skin, and grey eyes. Her makeup and outfits consist of darker colors along with red, and never without her mother's famous red hood. Rather than human ears, she has wolf ears, which she hides under a hood.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(debut; episode: The Starian Secret: The Musical Mystery)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)


  • It is unknown of how Cerise could be having wolf abilities if her mother is Little Red Riding Hood. In the Cat that Cried Wolf however that her father was the Big Bad Wolf, possibly an decendant of the original Big Bad Wolf that tried to eat her mother and great-grandmother.

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