Celia Mae

Celia Mae is one of the minor protagonists and Mike Wazowski's girlfriend in "Monster's Inc." She appears in the film as the receptionist at Monster's Inc. She is a purple tall monster with one eye like Mike, a green dress with fur on teh collar and short purple hair with snakes on it, simular to Medusa. She is voiced by Jennifer Tilly.


In the movie, she greets Mike and Sulley. It is her birthday and Mike(with the help of Sulley) got the both reservations to a place called Harryhausen's. Celia also calls on who's the scarer who got the most point. At her date with Mike, it is ruined when Sulley comes in to warn Mike about the little girl who escaped her door but the girl(later known as Boo) wrecks havoc at the resturant, resulting in the CDA to come in and decontamine everything. Celia(who now has a cone on her head) comes to confront Mike about what happened last night. She then appears again and Mike explains everything including the conspiracy Waternoose and Randall have on teh company. She doesn't believe him until Boo pops up, scaring her and Randall chasing them so she makes a fake announcement that Randall's the new scarer to distract them. she appears at the end, congratulationg Mike on his new job and showing him the new magazine(despite him being covered).

She'll appear in "Monsters in College" for a college reunion and maybe help the MCF on their case.


  • Celia's name is a play on the word "Cecaelia". Also, it could be to Sclla, a monster in Greek Mythology known for snathignth ings who strayed to close to her with mouths attached to limbs like tenticles.
  • Her snakes for hair are naemd Amelia, Bobelia, Ophelia, Cordelia and Mage.
  • She might appear in Monsters University.


  • MCF: Monsters in College(debut/upcoming)