Castle On A Cloud I (Full) - Les Misérables Movie 201202:27

Castle On A Cloud I (Full) - Les Misérables Movie 2012

Castle on a Cloud is a song from Les Miserables. It is sung by Young Cosette as she dreams of a better life than being a Cinderella for her "stepfamily" the Thenardiers. This has been used in MCF stories from time to time.


[Young Cosette is sweeping the floors of the inn.]

Young Cosette: There is a castle on a cloud I like to go there in my sleep Aren't any floors for me to sweep Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a room that's full of toys  There are a hundred boys and girls  Nobody shouts or talks too loud  Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a lady all in white Holds me and sings a lullaby She's nice to see And she's soft to touch She says: "Cosette I love you very much."

I know a place where no one's lost  I know a place where no one cries  Crying at all is not allowed  Not in my castle on a cloud.

Oh help! I think I hear them now.  And I'm nowhere near finished sweeping  And scrubbing and polishing the floor.  Oh, it's her! It's Madame!

[Madame Thénardier rushes in.]

Madame Thénardier: Now look who's here!  The little madam herself! The Pretending once again she's been so awfully good. Better not let me catch you slacking.  Better not catch my eye!  Ten rotten francs your mother sends me  What is that going to buy?  Now, take that pail  My little "Mademoiselle"  And go and draw some water from the well!  We should never had taken you in, in the first place. How stupid the things that we do!  Like mother, like daughter, the scum of the street. 

[Young Éponine appears. She is carrying a doll.]

Éponine, come my dear Éponine, let me see you; You look very well in that little blue hat.  There's some little girls who know how to behave And they know what to wear  And I'm saying thank heaven for that. 

[Young Éponine points to Young Cosette.]

Still there, Cosette?  Your tears will do you no good!  I told you fetch some water from the well in the wood. 

Young Cosette: Please do not send me out alone. Not in the darkness on my own. 

Madame Thénardier: Enough of that, or I'll forget to be nice!  You heard me ask for something  And I never ask twice!

[Young Éponine pushes Young Cosette out the door. Thénardier appears and bids goodnight to his daughter as the inn fills up for the evening.]


  • Cosette(Les Miserables)
  • Daisy(MCF: A Cinderella Story)

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