Cartoon Town Asylum is the local prion for Cartoon Town in the Mystery Case Files. Various villains and even Tracy and Tricia Romanov have been inmates here. Bella is also a frequent visitor. Most villains of the series have not even been put behind bars or have managed to get out one way or another.

Notable Residents Edit

These are frequent residents to Cartoon Town Asylum. Some may have ways of avoiding being sent to the Asylum others haven't even been caught to sent to the Asylum yet.

  • Tricia Romanov (Former)
  • Sunset Shimmer (Former)
  • Shirona Tennyson
  • Plantara
  • Prince Hans
  • Albedo
  • Blackfire
  • Joker
  • Evil Billy
  • Argit
  • Mafiafas
  • Damien the Music Slayer
  • Bowser
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Oogie Boogie
  • Aldrich Killian
  • Justin Hammer

Visitors Edit

  • Bella (Frequently)
  • The Original Mystery Case Files
  • The Mystery Case Files
  • The LXMB
  • The Rookies
  • The KC
  • The JLXMB

Trivia Edit

  • All of the villains have at some point escaped.
  • Bella is friends with some villains and visits them frequently.
  • Not every villain the MCF and their friends have faced are in the asylum.

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