Captain Tim

Captain Tim, Wander's ex-pet and Lord Hater's pet about to chew up a teddy bear

Captain Tim is a minor villain on "Wander Over Yonder" who debuted in the episode, "The Pet." He is a spider like creature with a pink collar, red lips and sharp teeth who is the pet of Lord Hater, and formally the pet of Wander. He is an alien who likes to kill victims and have their hearts as egg sacs. 


Captain Tim was found by Wander who thought he was cute and decided to have him for a pet. He names him Captain Tim after the collar he found in his stomach when he tried to eat Wander. However, Captain Tim is no dog as Wander as thought. Sylvia rescues her friend before the ship explodes, after seconds of thinking he was killed by the spider beast and made into a cocoon, but seeing Wander "playing" with the monster, Sylvia goes back to rescue him. SHe saves him again when Captain Tim decides to eat his heart. Sylvia wants to destroy the thing, but Wander explains that even though Captain Tim is dangerous and vicious, he can't help but love him. So they compromise and send him to Lord Hater, whom he happily adores as an owner.

He makes a cameo appearence in the episode "The Little Guy." 

Captain Tim makes a minor antagonistic appearence in "MCF: Shooting Stars." 


  • He is inspired by the Chestburster from the movie "Alien"


  • MCF: Shooting Stars(Debut; minor antagonist)

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