Cake the cat

Cake the Cat is the sidekick of Fionna the Human and the genderswitch counterpart of Jake the Dog in "Adventure Time." She is a cream/orange cat who is also Fionna's sister and mother figure at certain parts. She is very sassy and will always find a way to help Fionna. She is voiced by Roz Ryan.


Cake first appears helping Fionna prepare for Prince Gumball's ball. She then helps fight off the Ice Queen with Fionna. Gumball thanks them and invites Fionna on a date. However, later on, it is revealed that the REAL Prince Gumball is trapped by the Ice Queen and Ice Queen disguised herself as him to lure Fionna in to a trap. After Fionna rescues Gumball and defeats Ice Queen, Cake, not realizing too late attacks Gumball, but Fionna assures her eveyrthing is okay now.

Cake then appears in "Bad Little Boy" where she doesn't trust Marshall Lee and protects Fionna by burning him into the sun after he tried to attack Cake. It was just a story though as Marshall Lee was trying to get Fionna to admit she liked him, but she never did that way since she is in love with Gumball.

She appears in "MCF: Key to the Path' where she jois her owner Fionna and the only two MCF girls of the story, Jessy and Raina on a quest to find La Tessero and goes along with the act that the citizens believe the two are goddesses.


  • Cake's name is a play on Jake's name and is also based on Natasha's cat, Pancake.
  • Cake knows Morse code because she can understand Lord Monochromicorn, similar to how Jake can understand Lady Rainicorn, who speaks Korean.
  • Fionna has taught Cake to change form on command, including a "morning star mode," which is similar in appearance to and draws its name from a medieval morning star.
  • Cake plays a hammered dulcimer, as opposed to a viola.
  • In the same episode and certain artworks by Natasha Allegri, she seems to hate getting wet, which is true for many cats.
  • Natasha Allegri created artwork which shows Cake and Ice Queen together in an affectionate setting. She states that Ice Queen raised Cake from a kitten, though this sub-plot was not used in the "Fionna and Cake" episode.[1]
  • In the storyboards for "Fionna and Cake," she is seen to have jowls similar to Jake's.
  • Cake is the gender-swapped version of Jake, but she is unique among the gender-swapped characters in also being the "opposite" species; if she was only gender-swapped, she would be a female dog.
  • Like Jake's incarnate, Shoko's Tiger, Cake is a cat.
  • In Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!, an ice robot version of Cake is fought as a boss alongside the Ice King and an ice robot version of Fionna.
  • This is Roz Ryan's third voice role: her others include one of the Muses in "Hercules" and Bubbie the Whale on "Flapjack"


  • MCF: Key to the Path(Debut)