Buttercup Utonium is a character on "The Powerpuff Girls". She is the toughest of the Powerpuff Girls and is supposed to be the middle of the two sisters. She has black bob cut, green eyes and wears a green dress with a black stripe and black mary janes. She is voiced by E.G. Daily.


Buttercup's main ingredient is spice. She likes to kick bad guy butt and is rebellious in her sisters' ways like how Bubbles is sweet and Blossom has leadership qualities. Buttercup has a lot of conflicts that dealt such as greed, hygene and other things among the series as well as she used to have a crush on Ace of the GangGreen Gang before she found out he was using her to have his gang members kill her sisters at one point.

She is set to debut in the 2014 story "MCF: The Prison Escape" where she along with her sisters are sent to the prison facility by the unknown villain.


  • MCF: The Prison Escape (Debut)


  • Her original name was going to be Bud, but it was changed to "Buttercup".
  • She was named because the Professor needed a name that was also a "B"
  • Despite being tough, she displays a soft-side from time to time.
  • She is the only one without a special power.