Bunty the Hen

Bunty is the tritagonist in Chicken Run. She is one of Ginger's best friends. She is a red hen wtih a yellow beak and feet. She is posh as she has a jeweled necklace. She is voiced by Imanua Stalton.

Bio Edit

Bunty appears with the other chickens as the join the escape plans that Ginger, her best friend makes. Bunty also doubts on the whole escape plans as they always fail. Like the chickens, Bunty then greets Rocky who teaches them how to fly. When Ginger becomes suspicious of the new weight gain for the hens, she finds out that Mrs. Tweedy is using this to make Chicken pot pies. They still try to fly out, but Rocky was shot out of a cannon. The hens and Fowler the Rooster and Nick and Fetcher the rats make a plane to escape the farm...with Rocky to come with them having to help them get rid of a vengeful Mrs. Tweedy. She and the others then enjoy their paradise.

MCF Stories Edit

Bunty appears with the chickens in the second episode of Season 1 called "The Mister Miss Hyde Case' in the story "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction." She and the chickens along with Wallace and Gromit notice Fake OogieJess, actually Claire in a robot capture Roger and Anita. They go to the MCF for help as they are solving the same crime as Jessy/OogieJess is framed. Then they are captured before the MCF rescue them

Appearences Edit

  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The Mister-Miss Hyde Case)