Bubbles Utonium is one of the Powerpuff Girls. She is the innocent and sweet one and supposed to be the youngest sibling out of the trio. She has blonde hair in pigtails, blue eyes and blue dress with a black stripe and black mary Janes. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


Her main ingredient is sugar, which is why she has a sweet personality. She is sweet which is in comparison to Buttercup's toughness and Blossom's brains. Because of Bubbles' sweetness, sometimes she can be naive when it comes to some villains. In Bubblevicious, she shows her bad awesome side after deciding not to be treated like a baby anymore.

She is set to debut in "MCF: The Prison Escape" where she is sent to the facility with her sisters by the unknown villain.


  • Her toy octopus Octi was a gift by her father for her 'birthday.
  • She speaks Spanish and animal
  • Her experience with Mr. Mime and how she saves Townsville from black-and-white mirrors Twilight Sparkle's encounter with Discord and how she uncorrupts her friends and saves Equestria. Ironically Tara Strong, her actress, voices Twilight on the show.
  • Bubbles is a vegetarian


  • MCF: The Prison Escape(debut; upcoming)

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