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 Brooklyn is a red gargoyle with a long white mane/hair wearing brown lioncloth. He is a member of the Manhatten clan and one of Emmy's beloved boyfriends, the first one she ever met during the prom. He is brash, but he's thrill seeking. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


In the series "Gargoyles", Brooklyn first appears in Awakening as a young red gargoyle. While playing with a gargoyle beast with one of his rookery brothers, a young peasant boy named Tom approached Brooklyn. The boy and the gargoyle chatted amiably until the boy's mother, Mary, threw a stick at Brooklyn, calling him a beast. Brooklyn lost his temper, and he, his brother, and the gargoyle beast pretended to attack the peasants. Goliath and his matebroke up the conflict. Goliath sent the guilty gargoyles, one of their brothers, and the gargoyle beast to the rookery as punishment which saved them from the attack on the castle led by Hakon. The next night, along with the surviving members of the Wyvern Clan, he participated in an attack on Hakon and his men. TheMagus, thinking Princess Katharine was dead because of the gargoyles' attack, decided to cast the spell which held them all in a stone sleep for a thousand years.In 1994, Xanatos broke the spell holding the survivors in stone sleep. The newly formed clan was reunited withGoliath's mate, and were tricked by Xanatos into committing crimes on his behalf. Goliath's mate revealed she was in league with Xanatos, and attacked the Manhattan Clan. Shortly after Demona deceived her clan, she tricked Brooklyn into being disloyal to Goliath, turning him into a mindless slave. Brooklyn was forced to stop her and he eventually helped to break the spell that controlled Goliath's mind. Now he has a very deep feeling of resentment for Demona and he will attack her if he comes across her.

In the episode Metamorphosis, Brooklyn chased after a shadowy figure in an alleyway that he thought was Demona, but this had proven to be false. It was actually a mutate known as Maggie Reed, a human who was turned into a cat. Brooklyn soon found himself in a position to rescue her, but he gets shot with a tranquilizer dart. Broadway saves him, but Brooklyn wants to help the human/feline hybrid. He soon takes a liking to her. Maggie warmed up to Brooklyn in Kingdom, but the two never formed a relationship that would last forever.

Brooklyn has proven himself to be an incredibly skilled leader worthy of leading the Trio. When Goliath, Bronx and Eliza were absent, Brooklyn quickly took charge of the Trio, utlizing all of the skills he knew that Goliath would be proud of. When Goliath came back after the extended absence with his daughter Angela, he became enveloped in a rivalry with Broadway and Lexington for her love. Sadly for Brooklyn, Angela chose Broadway for her mate. But, she's still flirting with him. Since Broadway has Angela and Maggie has Talon, Brooklyn turns his attention toward Delilah of the Labyrinth Clan, but her attentions were diverted by Goliath who took her on a date at Eliza's request. After helping fight off Thailog with his clan, Brooklyn noticed that Delilah displays no interest in him, and continues to live his life without a romantic partner.

In Greg Weisman's proposed TimeDancer saga, Brooklyn comes into possession of the Phoenix Gate after Goliath had thrown it into the timestream, whereupon he would be thrust into a forty-year journey during which he would acquire a new gargoyle beast named Fu-Dog and a female gargoyle namedKatana who would become his mate and mother of his children, Nashville and Tachi. After forty years, Brooklyn has grown older, his legs are now longer and ticker, closer in proportion to Goliath's, allowing him to stand more upright. He now wears armor and and eyepatch over his left eye. He also carries a futuristic rifle, a blaster, a katana, and a Scottish broadsword.

Love Life with EmmyEdit

His love life with Emmy starts when he saves her from falling. They get to know one another and start dating, despite the fact that Emmy also dates Nosedive(mostly in the MCF stories)


  • Mystery Case Files: the Fanfiction(Debut; episode: The First Mystery-beyond)
  • MCF: On Black Isle
  • MCF: Protectors of Earth.


  • Brooklyn was originally meant to be a hot-head.
  • His and Nosedive's relationship with Emmy is very simular to Betty and Veronica for it's about two people having the same crush on the same person

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