Brock Monsters University

Brock Pearsons is one of the students in "Monsters University" and he is also Greek Council President alongside Claire Wheeler. Unlike Claire, Brock is happy, loud and likes to shout out loud full of excitement. He has brown eyes and he is a purple chicken monster with a mullet and gazelle horns and wears a blue/white sweater with the Monsters logo on it. He is voiced by Tyler Labine.


Brock first appears as he offers Mike a chance to be in The Scare Games. He then announces the other three competing: Python Nuu Kappa, Roar Omega Roar and Mike's team Oozma Kappa. Brock get excited over the whole thing and he was the one that announces during the Toxity Challenge that Jaws Deta Chi has cheated and that Oozma Kappa is back in the games. He isn't seen again for the rest of the movie except for when he and Claire cheer for Oozma Kappa's win.

He debuts in "MCF: Mosnters in College" where 


  • Because he and Claire are seen together, fans have assumed that they are dating. 
  • Detective88 stated that Brock is one of her favorite characters in the movie. 


  • MCF: Monsters in College(Debut)