Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, the protagonist of Sleeping Beauty. She is aware that her destiny requires her to be asleep for a hundred years, but doesn't seem to have any problems with the course of her story as she's looking forward to her happily ever after. 

She is voiced by Kate Higgins.


Briar is pretty sure she is going to be asleep for a hundred years, so until then, she lives the life to the fullest. She enjoys doing things spontaneously such as pulling stunts, and seems to be known for throwing parties. She tends to sleep at random times.


Briar leacy day

Briar's Legacy Day Dress

Briar has long, wavy brown hair with pink streaks, partially tied into a flower-like bun on top of her head, light brown skin, and brown eyes. Her makeup and her outfits are predominately pink with prominent rose motifs.


Not much is known about Briar besides the fact she is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, Apple White's best friend, and is a royal. More information will most likely be releashed as more espiodes are out.


  • In one of Briar's dairies of the series, she mentions she she might become a Rebel. This could hit to her changing from a Royal to a Rebel in the future.
    • Some fans pointed out at Briar's Legacy Day doll had a silver stand and key like Raven while Apple is golden which also makes them think Briar may become a rebel. However, that may not be the case since the makers could have thought silver fit Briar more then gold.
  • Due to her appearance and how long she will need to sleep, it is clear she isn't the daughter of the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty through the two have played the role of her parents in some fanmades Briar has starred in.
  • It is mentioned by angethewingedcat that Briar is her favorite out of the Royals and can see Briar, Tracy, Tricia, and Wing causing chaos at the school with some crazy plans.
  • It is also possible at Briar and Wing may form a bond due to the fact the two are always looking for excitement and adventure. However, the bound will most likely happen in Wing's Ever After High fanfic instead of the MCF Ever After High story.
  • Briar's voice actor did the voice of Saber in the original Fate/Stay Night anime. However, she didn't return for the movie, Fate/Zero, and isn't returning for the newest Fate/Stay Night anime.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; The Starian Secret: The Musical Mystery)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)

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