Braver is a deleted song from The Jungle Book 2. In the song, Shanti is in the jungle trying to prove herself that she can be brave as she searches in the jungle for Mowgli who she thinks is kidnapped by Baloo. The song was cut from the film because of time management and it gave too much away of Shanti.

The Jungle Book 203:44

The Jungle Book 2. Song Braver

Lyrics Edit

Since I'm don’t know where we’re going

And there might far to go

We’ll imagine that I'm braver

Braver than I know

Everytime I start to tremble

Knowing this is not a dream

I’ll remind ourselves I'm braver

Braver than I seem

This jungle's full of noises

And it seems to have no end

But we’re not leaving

Til we find our friend

If we smile at shapes and shadows

If we laugh when lions roar

Bit by bit we grow much braver

Braver than before

When I'm standing in the sunrise

And my fearful journey’s through

I’ll be glad that we were braver than we knew

I’ll be glad that we were braver

Braver than we knew

Braver than we knew

Singers Edit

  • Shanti(The Jungle Book 2 deleted scene)
  • MCF(MCF: A Lost Wander)

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