Blue and Orange

Blue (aka Inkling Boy) (left) and Orange (aka Inkling Girl) (Right)

Blue and Orange are human like squids called Inklings from the Nintendo Wii U Video Game Splatoon and the students of future MCF member Amy Elesson.

In the MCF series Blue is "voiced" by Miles Luna and Orange is "voiced" by Lauren Landa

Background Edit

They may look like kids but according to the developers from Nintendo, they are actually 14 years old.

For more information on them please go here

In MCF Edit

MCF-Necklace and Wristband

The Items that help Blue and Orange Speak. Orange's necklace (Top) and Blue's Wristband (Bottom)

Both Blue and Orange will make their first appearance as Abiagil's/Numbah 5's allies in MCC: Splatoon on a mission to retrieve the Great Zapfish from Octarians, Rivals and long time Enemies of the Inklings.

Blue and Orange became Amy's students as well as attend Cartoon Town Middle School until transferring to MCF School in Season 6.

They will also have items to speak English to their friends but take it off when they talk to other Inklings.

Appearances Edit

  • MCC: Splatoon (First Appearance) (As Allies)
  • MCF: A Sprixitastic Adventure (An Adventure with their teacher Amy along with Applebloom) (As Students)

Trivia Edit

  • The developers said when they came up with the Squid idea, they didn't think of the resemblence the Inkling squid shares with the Blooper from the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • Both the male and female Inklings have 10 limbs and this can be seen from their "hair" which feature 6 tentacles, which when added with their arms and legs make 10.
  • It is not specified what sort of squids the Inklings may have evolved from, but it was likely a predatory species such as the Humboldt squid, which is known to be intelligent and aggressive, and has the ability to rapidly change color
  • In MCF they see Amy as a big sister liker her other students
  • Even though Blue and Orange can turn into squids they can still fight villains without powers as well in the MCF series
  • Blue's "voice actor" is the same voice of Jaune Arc from RWBY while Orange's "voice actress" is the same voice of Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • They don't have names but they are called Blue and Orange by Fans of the Game
  • Although they don't talk in the game, they'll have special items given to them from Skyla and Melody to speak English. The necklace and wristband not only it make Blue and Orange talk but also make them human plus able to swim since Inklings are weak to water. 

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