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Blake Belladonna is a main character from RWBY. She is a part of RWBY and, in the MCF series, is a student of the team Saber, Ragna, and Wing are in. She is voiced by Arrn Zech.


She is seventeen year old girl with long black hair, golden eyes, and was wearing a black headband with an attached bow, black low-heeled boots and stockings that started off black at her hips, but gradually fade to purple as they were near her shoes, the outside of her stockings had white symbols that were most likely belladonna flowers, black ribbons on both of her arms, with a black detached sleeve with a silver band on her left arm, a black buttoned vest with coattails, and a white, sleeveless undershirt that exposes part of her midriff with white shorts and a detached scarf-like collar around her neck. Her bow is really used to hide the black cat ears she has due to her true species.


Blake is a member of RWBY and a student at Beacon Academy. Before becoming a student, she was a member of the White Fang. For more details on her, it can be found here:

Blake makes her first appearances in MCF: The Eye of a Snake along her follower student Kirito as the Gladius have heard word of White Fang members possible forming an alliances with Kira. More details will be revealed once the story is written.

She is also set to appear in the upcoming Gem Arc.

Trivia Edit

  • Blake alludes to Belle from the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, similar to how the other RWBY team members alludes to different fairy tales.
  • Blake means "black" in Old English.
  • With the Gladius students, she and Kirito are the possible leaders through who is the leader is unknown at the moment. Who will be the leader may be chosen after Crona and Mal join and once the four have had field work without their teachers.
  • When Blake's cat ears are first shown, they are colored purple, most likely so the viewers can notice it easier.
    • Before her secret was revealed, her bow was have moments where it would twitch a bit as a way to foreshadow her cat ears.
  • Blake is the only member of Team RWBY that doesn't have any known siblings at the moment. It may change as the series continue.

Appears Edit

  • MCF: The Eye of a Snake (Debut)

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