Bessie Higgenbottom

Bessie Higgenbottom is the main protagonist of the Mighty B. She is an optimistic 9 3/4 girl who is determined to get every badge in order to become a superhero called the Mighty B(to her belief). Though in order to get the badges she needs, she has to deal with her rival Portia and her gang Gwen and Penny and also have many adventures with her dog Happy and her brother Ben. She has medium light tan skin dirty blonde/orange hair, a yellow/brown dress with a sash around it, hats and black Mary Janes; she is voiced by Amy Poehler.


Bessie is often portrayed as a wildly imaginative, ambitious, cute, confident, friendly, innocently naive, hyperactive, nerdy, smart, optimistic, spunky, and a hardworking young honeybee scout. She is a devoted member of the Honeybees and has the most badges in Honeybee history. In the episode "Bee Nice", Bessie says her policy is to give kindness, and courtesy to everyone she knows. Bessie can also be naive and sometimes has no backbone until she is driven to the edge. Although she can be a little irresponsible and even a little bossy and hyper-critical. Bessie is sometimes shown to be a bit mature for her age. She can also be prone to jealousy. Bessie loves taffy-selling season and often thrives to sell the most boxes. Her role model is the founder of the Honeybees, Miriam Breedlove. Bessie always sends her emails if something is wrong or if she wants advice. Bessie always is a strict follower of rules and regulations especially with the Honeybees. Due to her talkativeness Bessie can easily annoy people. She can be described as part tomboy and part girly-girl as well as half weirdo and half brainiac. Also Bessie can be funny or helpful.

MCF Stories

In the MCF stories, she makes an appearance in a flashback in "MCF: The Mystery of Raina", during Raina's middle school years. She was alone when Raina offered to sit with her for lunch and Raina asks why Bessie was in the middle school if she was 9 3/4. Bessie's response was that she skipped two grades which means she excelled at 4th and 5th grade during when Raina was in elementary school. Like the middle school, she respected Raina as a popular girl, but also as a friend.

Since she appears in a flashback, she could appear as a teenager in the MCF series.


  • MCF: The Mystery of Raina(Debut; flashback)

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