Bellas would be selfs that are born from both Bellas heart and by uniting the Members into one to bridge her heart to her little charas. They are indroduced in the upcoming MCF Story 'MCF Shugo Chara'

Back StoryEdit

Bella first recived her own Shugo Chara the Day after chrismas after having a party with her toon freinds and opening a gift that held what looked like the Humpty Lock and a not that says 'If you make a wish on the lock, something special will Unlock' Bella wished for the chance to show the MCF and all of there outside freinds more about her, both the real her and her toon freinds combine, not relizing the lock is glowing.

The Next day, Bella wakes to find Four Chara eggs in her bed and hurrys to wake up her toon family along with Zoey, however she and Zoey are the only ones in the mannor. Concerned Bella tryed calling them on there cell phones, and even used telepathy, only to get nothing. Freaking, out she and Zoey rushed to the MCF Headquarters to tell the girls yelling how the hyna squad members are missing.

Guardian CharactersEdit

Bellas would be selfs, born from Bellas wish to show her real self to the MCF and her non Hyna member freinds which gave creation to Bellas four (later learned there was one more but got lost) Charas. Later it was revealed that while Bellas charas were with her, they were fragmented into her toon freinds when they fused with her M-B-S and it was when Bella made the Wish on the Humpty Lock (Bella thought it was a replica) it gave her toon freinds the power to unite, and pull forth Bellas own Charas, but to also become Guardian characters themselfs and Character Change with her.

Bellas Guardian characters

Christie-A motherly Chara who loves to care for everyone, be it good guys or bad guys. She is more of a healer, then a fighter and much rather protect and keep the peace then fight. Bella sees both her real and adopted mother in Christie, and tends to call her Mommy.

Discord-A Naughty and Michivous Chara who loves to play pranks and tease people.

Wit-A writer and Author Chara that loves to write and use his writing to make people smile with funny storys.

Kamen Rider Hyna Fourze-A Kamen Rider that shines from the cosmos that wishes to protect the weak, and unite people with his radiance. At first he was lost when Bella felt that the MCF didnt want her that he became a X-Character known as Kamen Rider Fourze Scorpion, but returned back to normal when she relized the MCF did care for her and her toon freinds, and allowed there radiance back into her heart, it changed Fourze Scorpion back to Normal.

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