Beatrice Grace is the best friend of Abigail Reeds. She is a rival to the Kid Crusaders and generally mocks all of the KC though she seems to have a soft spot for Devlin. She along with Abigail makes their first appearance in KC: Call of the Crusaders and is mentioned in MCF and the Sister Problem. She is voiced by Kyla Rae Kowalewski.


Beatrice has long auburn hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, a long sleeved pink shirt, dark blue jeans, white socks with brown sneakers.

For her party dress she wears a pink dres with her hair up in silver bows and wears blue high heels.


She is just as cruel and spoiled as Abigail is. She joins in Abigail's mockery of Annie for her orphan status and for not have any powers. She seems to have a small crush on Devlin.


Nothing is known about about Beatrice yet but her bio is expanded throughout the story. Her parents are Shailene and Richard Grace.

KC AppearancesEdit

  • MCF and the Sister Problem (Mentioned Only)
  • KC: Call of the Crusaders (Debut)
  • KC: Family Appreciation Day (Upcoming)
  • KC: Cartoon Town Confidential (Upcoming)
  • KC: One Bad Levin (Upcoming)
  • KC: Flight to the Finish (Upcoming)
  • KC: Tracy and Tricia Time (Upcoming)

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