Baltus Van Tassell

Baltus Van Tassell is Katrina's father, Ichabod's future father-in-law in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow." He is posh, but he has a wise personality has greying dirty blonde hair, a gold suit and a white shirt underneath it. He is portrayed by Michael Gambon, who portryaed Dumbledore in Harry Potter.


He is first seen at the party that he, his new wife Mary Archer-Van Tassell(whom he married after his wife's mysterious death) and his daughter Katrina when Ichabod arrives to investigate on the murders in Sleepy Hollow. He tells them the story of the Hessian Horseman, who later became the Headless Horseman. It also revealed that he is part of a conspiracy that someone is trying to do for the Van Garretts which is the connection of the Horseman's murders. He meets his end when the Horseman throws a spear at him through the church window since he can't enter the church and pulls him over to the gate before he beheads him, horrifying Katrina.

In "MCF: The Sleepy Hollow Case", he warns the time-travelers to stay away from the Horseman, but Tricia assures that it's just a myth. She's proven wrong when they along with Ichabod witness Magistrate Phillipse's decaptiation.


  • MCF: The Sleepy Hollow Case(debut; upcoming)

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