B.O.B(aka  Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate) is one of the heroes of "Monsters Vs. Aliens. He is a gelationous blue mass with one eye and insane appittie, however, he is loyal to his friends...despite being born without a brain. He is voiced by Seth Rogan.


B.O.B. is the end result of a experiment combining a genetically engineered tomato with chemically altered ranch salad dressing. He subsequently went on a rampage devouring six city blocks before he was captured by General Monger in 1958 and imprisoned inside Area Fifty-Something. Once at the base Monger force fed him a excessive amount of Carrot puree that deeply traumatized him.

He met The Missing Link 3 years later in 1961, Dr. Cockroach another year later in 1962, and The Invisible Man sometime before 1968.

In Monsters vs. Aliens, No sooner is Susan placed in the monster prison and meets her cellmates, she's frightened beyond her wits' end. Immediately, B.O.B. wishes to know her name, and she replies 'Susan'. Just 3 weeks after Susan arrived, Gallaxhar had arrived with an arsenal that overwhelmed the US army's own. After Dr. cockroach had failed to shrink Susan down to size once again, General Monger had arrived and offered them a deal: take down the wandering robot probe and they gain their freedom. After winning the San Francisco battle and earning their long-awaited freedom, the monsters make their 1st visit to Modesto, albeit with disastrous results. After Susan gets abducted and Insectosaurus is killed by Gallaxhar, it is B.O.B. that comes up with the plan to board the spaceship via jetpacks. After activating the self-destruct sequence, B.O.B., Link and Dr. Cockroach are trapped in one of the ship's chambers. Failing to understand what was happening, he tells them he would see them tomorrow. The others promise him a wonderful meal. At the last moment Susan becomes Ginormica once more and she busts them, making their way to General Monger and the resurrected Butterflysaurus. After being hailed by Modesto and the world as heroes, B.O.B. 'breaks up' with Derek, choosing him over Diane before he joins the rest of team monster in the battle with Esgargantua in Paris.

In "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" he appears in the episode "Where are the Bounty Hunters" as one of the people captured by Justin who is holding them for Earthworm Jim and Van Helsign's demise, but is later rescued by the MCF along with Po, Earthworm Jim and Van Helsing.

It is unknown when he will return.


  • He is the second Seth Rogan voiced character; after Mantis in "Kung Fu Panda"
  • He is a parody of "The Blob"


  • Mystery Case Files: The FAnfiction(Debut; episode: Where are the Bounty Hunters?)

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