Audrey II

Audrey II or Twoey for short is the main antagonist of "Little Shop of Horrors", however he is a neutral character on the "Mystery Case Files series". As much as Raina wants him shocked, she's semi-friends with him anyway. He can serve as a villain or an ally depending on the situation. He is also Jessy's pet. He is a green/yellow Venus flytrap with shark teeth. He is voiced by the late Levi Stubbs.


Audrey II was found by Seymour Krelborn on the total eclipse of the sun. Seymour ruses Twoey to attract buisness and the attention of his crush, then future wife Audrey Fulquard. When his former boss Mushnik went out, Twoey started to wilt and Seymour tried everything to feed him, but after pricking himself with a rose thorn, Twoey's true dinner is revealed...human blood. Twoey became the attraction at the shop, but everytime it wilts, Seymour would feed it blood. One night, Seymour discovered something bizzare: Twoey can talk and sing like a bad awesome R&B singer. He tells Seymour to feed him, and persuades him with promises of money and the love of Audrey. When Seymour and Twoey saw Audrey being abused by her (ex)-boyfriend Orin Scrivello DDS, Seymour knew that Orin is plant food. After Orin dies from asphyxiation by nitrious oxide, Seymour is then ordered by Twoey to chop the body up before feeding it to him. Twoey then eats Mushnik and grows as big as the celing. It wilts again during an interview that Seymour has against the people on TV and Seymour leaves them, worried about the plant's dietary preferences. Seymour and Audrey get engaged and plan to elope from Skid Row, but before Seymour reaches the door, Twoey demands him to feed him again. This time, Seymour refuses, but after Twoey complains, Seymour agrees only if it's already dead meat. Once Seymour leaves, Twoey picks up the phone and calls Audrey to come over to the shop where he almost devours her, but Seymour rescues her. They find out by a man named patrick Martin that he was planning to take leaf cuttings of Audrey IIs and sell them all over the world and Seymour and Audrey knew one thing Twoey wanted: world domination. Seymour goes in to fight his creation and wins by electrocuting it to death. Seymour and Audrey marry and run off to a nice suburb, but a little Audrey II bud follows.

In some parodies and MCF stories, he's a neutral character and resurrected. He is very protective of Jessy and is one of the only people she allows to be swallowed by. He has a love/hate thing with Raina and they're rivals. However, despite this, he would once in a while team up with the girls on some of their cases.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut; episode: The Mystery of Vore)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • MCF: Black Butler
  • MCF: Little Shop of Horrors


  • He also has a rivalry/friendship with Oogie Boogie, though the two are in the Vore Gang.
  • He still has a taste in human blood, given the chance that someone gets a cut and he'll suck it away.
  • When Jessy is in her hyperstate or in the Vore Gang, Twoey is associated with plant techniques and is considered the 'balance' monster in the group.
  • There has been huge debate on Audrey II's gender, but in the stories, the plant is a male who can also have children, nicknamed the Mini-Twoey's in the stories.
  • Although Oogie and Jessy is a popular couple, some fans request a Twoey/Jessy relationship-friendship that Subuku No Jess plans to show more in future cases.
  • Twoey is one of the most recurring allies to the MCF despite being a villain/neutral character.

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