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 Audrey Krelborn(nee' Fulquard) is the deurantagonist of "Little Shop of Horrors" and Seymour's love interest, then wife. She is also Jessy's adoptive mother. She is 'played' by Ellen Greene.


She is a woman in her late 20s with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and she wears a black dress with a white coat.


Audrey used to work at Mushnik's along with Seymour. Like Seymour who has a crush on her, she hates her life there and wishes to get out of here. When the Audrey II, the plant in which Seymour named after her, attracted buisness, life started really neat for the shop. Audrey has a crush on Seymour as well, but she's stuck in a relationship with her (ex)-boyfriend sadistic Orin Scrivello DDS who abuses her. During 'Somewhere that's Green', it is revealed that Audrey wishes to marry Seymour and move to a surburban neighborhood far away from Skid Row. After Orin dies and is fed to Twoey, Audrey and Seymour profess their love for one another and start dating. Audrey then grows very concerned about Seymour's behavior, though unaware that he's guilty and worried about feeding the plant again. He apologizes and then proposes to Audrey who accepts and they plan to elope. As she finishes packing, Audrey gets a call from Twoey who is inside the shop across teh street. Audrey couldn't believe that the plant could talk and sing. It persaudes her to give him a drink of water, but in reality, it was a trap. Twoey almost devours Audrey, but Seymour rescues her and confesses everything. Audrey says that she didn't like Seymour because of the plant, she loved him from the day she came to work at Mushnik's and forgives him. Audrey and Seymour are then confronted by a real estate salesman, Patrick Martin who wishes to make leaf cuttings of Audrey II. Realizing Twoey's evil scheme for world domination, Seymour tells Audrey to stay outside while he goes in and fights it. After the fight and Twoey's death, Audrey checks up and sees that Seymour has survived. They get married and move to the suburb Audrey dreamed about...unknown to them, an Audrey II bud had went with them.

In stories, she is Jessy's adoptive mom. Jessy loves her and Seymour dearly, even when she has a ressurected Twoey for a pet, making it kind of a problem for Audrey and Seymour. Audrey is very supportive of her daughter's actions, no matter what it is. They are friends of Jessy's biological parents Goliath and Elisa Maza.


  • She is cautious about Jessy's adventures and such, possibly as a reflection from her life back in Skid Row, though very supportive of her daughter's actions.
  • She has the same name as one of the RMCF.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • A Very MCF Christmas

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